Version Notes 2017-18

FY 2017-18

Version 8.5.1r13 Released 03/12/2018

  • 03/11/2018 – Added preferences for handling PLAAFP form variables on copy forward with Amendments and IEPs.
  • 03/11/2018 – Fixed AutoFile issue with not working correctly with PLAAFP and CSSF forms.


Version 8.5.1r12 Released 02/22/2018

  • 2/22/18 – Added NPI, Agency Name, and Doctor Agency Type variables that can be used.
  • 2/22/18 – Fixed Edit Progress report page to not clear Admin Optional Text error.
  • 02/06/18 – Added Debug function to Medicaid Annual Record.
  • 02/06/18 – Added Debug function to Medicaid Service Log Record.

Version 8.5.1r11 Released 01/12/2018

  • 01/12/18 – Fixed Modify code on PLAAFP so that on Amendment IEPs a person can still create NEW goals.
  • 01/08/18 – Modified the printing of CSSF forms to include code to only print the NO section textbox if there is a label, regardless if force print is used or not.
  • 01/08/18 – Added G0515 Medicaid Codes for OT an PT groups. This new code is only valid after 12/31/17
  • 01/08/18 – Modified the Medicaid Error Checks on Service Log entry. Medicaid Procedure Code 97532 will be allowed only before 01/01/18. Procedure Code G0515 will be allowed only after 12/31/17.
  • 01/08/18 – Modified Forms printing to remove the duplicate ending body and ending html tags which was causing a page break when printing/displaying forms.

Version 8.5.1r10 Released 12/20/17

  • 12/19/17 – Fixed emailing of PDF filed documents.
  • 12/19/17 – Correct printing issue of Google text on the forms
  • 12/15/17 – Corrected issues for converting to version16 of 4D
  • 12/15/17 – Added all options that need to be added to use 4Dv16
  • 12/12/17 – Fixed unit calculation on Medicaid billing
  • 12/12/17 – Fixed PLAAFP and CSSF error when someone else was in the record at the same time.
  • 12/13/17 – Fix Medicaid single LEA download issue.
  • 12/13/17 – On the Download Service lines function, re-wrote code to allow faster processing of data.

Version 8.5.1r9 Released 12/08/17

  • 12/08/17 – Added page locking to the PLAAFP and CSSF pages, when another user is accessing the same page for the same student, no data will be saved.
  • 12/01/17 – Added Goal save function so that Goals created on the Goals page will be able to be used on PLAAFPs
  • 12/01/17 – Modified PLAAFP page so that only Super Admins can add existing goals to PLAAFP pages
  • 11/20/17 – Correct printing of PLAAFP and CSSF forms with Forceprint options and blank Yes/No drop downs.
  • 11/10/17 – Remove Assign Child Count from verifications, fix other verifications to use Resp Bldg instead.
  • 11/08/17 – Fixed error in the saving of CSSF variables.
  • 11/08/17 – Added Preferences for Google Translate, defaulted to off.
  • 11/07/17 – Fixed bug in Medicaid bill create where the Total for the claim was not matching with services in that claim.
  • 11/05/17 – Added code for printing of a blank CSSF and PLAAFP forms.
  • 11/03/17 – Fixed record load bug in the CSSF forms, correctly deals with blank data entry.
  • 11/02/17 – Added Goal SubType as a debug changeable option.
  • 11/02/17 – Fixed Medicaid – View Submission Log, Display, and ReCreate Functions stemming from the combination of the T1002, T1003, S9123, and S9124 Codes.
  • 11/02/17 – Fixed issue with the marking of Billed records in Medicaid stemming from the combination of the T1002, T1003, S9123, and S9124 Codes.
  • 11/02/17 – Added Additional Changelog entries for CSSF and PLAAFP forms

Version 8.5.1r8 Released 10/19/17

  • 10/19/17 – Fixed error in Medicaid Billing routine where the units for T1002 and T1003 was not correctly calculated.
  • 10/17/17 – Fixed printing IEP for PLAAFPs when print Discontinued Goals is set.
  • 10/16/17 – Fixed Medicaid download for T1002 and T1003, combine them by day only with a 15 minute per day total.
  • 10/13/17 – Print IEP for PLAAFP page has been updated to fix the SubType Change
  • 10/13/17 – Next Goal on PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType Change
  • 10/13/17 – Previous Goal on PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType Change
  • 10/13/17 – Add existing Goal on PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType Change
  • 10/13/17 – Goal Delete on PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType Change
  • 10/13/17 – Goal Access for PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType change
  • 10/13/17 – New Goal for PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType change
  • 10/13/17 – Display Goals for PLAAFP page updated to fix SubType change
  • 10/13/17 – Created Convert Goals routine to add goal subtype from the PLAAFP pages.
  • 10/13/17 – Added change logs to all PLAAFP page commands.
  • 10/10/17 – Error check for Re-Eval Consent and Re-Eval Date, cannot be greater than TODAY.
  • 10/10/17 – Fixed T1002 and T1003 Medicaid download, will correctly group together those code into one service line, and will only bill up to 15 minutes of service per billing. Fixed error between Single LEA and COOP.
  • 10/05/17 – Fixed Amendment error for the PLAAFP screens where you wouldn’t get a Next or Previous Goal on an Amendment when the goals are copied forward.
  • 10/02/17 – Fixed Form subtype label for PLAAFP and CSSF forms
  • 10/02/17 – Added Details to Edit Doctor Table, to include NPI number, and Doctor type to the view list.
  • 10/02/17 – Fixed the Procedural codes 96110 and 96101 so that these get processed even if we don’t have a doctor consent date.
  • 10/02/17 – Fixed the Error in the Date Dates to where it doesn’t matter what order the dates are entered. If the service falls within any of the date ranges that service is correctly marked as Billable and exported correctly (given that it meets all other checks).

Version 8.5.1r7 Released 09/25/17

  • 9/24/17 – Fixed error on new goal create in PLAAFP pages, will correctly take you to the new goal instead of defaulting to the first goal for the PLAAFP.
  • 9/24/17 – Added Save button to Amendment IEP’s on PLAAFP pages.
  • 9/24/17 – Added code to save Discontinue and Discontinue comment boxes on PLAAFP pages.
  • 9/20/17 – Added Code to correctly look at Add New and Add Amendment preferences so that the Goals for PLAAFP pages are only copied forward if that Preference is marked (note that this is the same Preference that would allow Goals to copy forward for the Goals page.).
  • 9/20/17 – Modified the PLAAFP code to count the Total number of Goals instead of allowing the Max Goal count per PLAAFP form.
  • 9/20/17 – Added Amendment code to PLAAFP pages so that the program correctly identifies an Amendment IEP and sets the cannot modify existing goals or benchmarks on the Goals section of the PLAAFP pages if Goals are allowed to be entered on the PLAAFP page.
  • 9/20/17 – Added the Discontinued Goal and Discontinued Goal Comments text box to the PLAAFP page.
  • 9/20/17 – Fixed Goals checkbox on PLAAFP page to print correctly.
  • 9/20/17 – Fixed Preference Goal Option 3, Display goals on PLAAFP pages but print using Goals page.
  • 9/19/17 – Fixed NO section of the PLAAFP pages to correctly look at the Vision Pass, Pass with Correctives, and Fail radio boxes.
  • 9/19/17 – Fixed the display option for the Goal checkbox on the PLAAFP pages to display no matter what preference option is marked.
  • 9/19/17 – Fixed Goal checkbox save so that it will not blank out current goals when checked.
  • 9/19/17 – Fixed the Goal checkbox during the uncheck process it would mark that all goals would be deleted, now it will only delete the goals belonging to that PLAAFP subtype

Version 8.5.1r6 Released 09/07/17

  • 09/07/17 – Fixed error in the printing of CSSF Forms.

Version 8.5.1r5 Released 09/01/17

  • 08/31/17 – Added segment count to count the new Doctor NPI section in the medicaid billing file creation.
  • 08/31/17 – Added code to provider.htm to allow providers to print forms.
  • 08/26/17 – Fixed Add Existing Goal code on PLAAFP pages so that it does not blank out the goal text.
  • 08/26/17 – Modified PLAAFP and CSSF form edit function so that the SubType cannot be changed once saved, if you duplicate form the subtype is carried forward and cannot be changed.
  • 08/22/17 – Added code to allow force print on PLAAFP and CSSF pages and left blank space for hand written notes.
  • 08/22/17 – Fixed Add Existing Goals on PLAAFP pages, it will now only allow you to add existing goals which are not already tied to other PLAAFP forms.
  • 08/22/17 – Fixed error where if the Goal checkbox on a PLAAFP page is unchecked and then a user Cancels, the checkbox is still saved as unchecked. This has been fixed to correctly leave the checkbox checked and not delete any goals.
  • 08/15/17 – Added new reeval code to calculate proper Due Date.
  • 08/15/17 – Added new error check on Medicaid Bill Create to test and display errors related to not having all information for Doctors.
  • 08/15/17 – Added new Doctor fields for Medicaid Docs, NPI number, Agency Name, and Doctor type (Agency or Individual).
  • 08/15/17 – Added code to Medicaid Billing create to put new doctor fields in file.

Version 8.5.1r4 Released 08/14/17

  • 08/14/17 – Added new reeval function to build re-eval list for all users.
  • 08/13/17 – Added American Sign Language to the Language list. Download as M code.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed Goal number when printing PLAAFP Goals and Objectives together.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed error when saving Admin optional Text on goals on PLAAFP forms.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed error on PLAAFP save which was preventing the creation of New goals for Wirten Language and Daily Living subtypes.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed CSSF printing to use the subtype name instead of the name of the form or the alternative name of that form.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed CSSF printing to correctly display the Yes and No sections as intended.
  • 08/10/17 – Fixed PLAAFP printing of Goals section to include the How will progress be measured, even if left blank that field will still print.
  • 08/09/17 – Modified ReEval code to re-calculate date each time the report is ran.
  • 08/09/17 – Updated Printing of CSSF forms so that the “Comment” text is pulled from the user defined Form setup of that field.
  • 08/09/17 – Updated PLAAFP page to allow Option 1 on the print Goals Preference page so that benchmarks and objectives can be entered.
  • 08/09/17 – Printing CSSF forms with IEP has been finished, correctly prints the Yes section and No section of the CSSF forms.
  • 08/07/17 – Fixed html <pre> text printing on the PLAAFP pages to correctly word wrap.
  • 08/07/17 – Fixed Printing Goals and Objectives on the PLAAFP pages to correct an error where objectives would not print if a Goal was created using the PLAAFP page.

Version 8.5.1r3 Released 08/06/17

  • 08/06/17 – On Goal delete within the PLAAFP pages, added section of code to correctly delete Goal from PLAAFP page and also delete objectives tied to that goal.
  • 08/05/17 – Fixed spacing on PLAAFP printing.
  • 08/04/17 – Changed the format of printing Goals on the PLAAFP page, to only print goals linked to the PLAAFP and also only print goals which have goal text in them.
  • 08/03/17 – Updated FTP site information.
  • 08/02/17 – Fixed Objectives, Delete, New, Renum buttons on PLAAFP pages.
  • 08/02/17 – Changes database passwords for designer, designer2, designer3, and snooper
  • 08/02/17 – Modified Print PLAAFP on the print IEP function to display Goals/Objectives correct.
  • 08/02/17 – Modified Print PLAAFP on the print IEP function to display line breaks in the textareas
  • 07/31/17 – Modified the Medicaid Find Parameters to have 15 find fields.
  • 07/30/17 – Formatted PLAAFP print function to correct formatting and spacing and added Goals, depending on what goal preference is marked.
  • 07/30/17 – Added Preference to Goals preference page to allow Goal entry on PLAAFP page, print goals using goals page.
  • 07/28/17 – On PLAAFP and CSSF forms, added force print option and display only option.
  • 07/28/17 – Fixed PLAAFP form create so that subtypes with additional questions can be save as blank so those extra questions are not displayed.
  • 07/27/17 – Fixed PLAAFP print to remove the printing of custom subtype, during print only the Form name will be printed and not both the form name and subtype.
  • 07/27/17 – Adjust text box sizes on CSSF page.
  • 07/27/17 – Modified security quiz question 8, fixed checks in code to change this question to correctly answered if false.
  • 07/24/17 – Modified the PLAAFP creation form for Health. Added the “Followup Date” field and the “Results:” text to the Vision Screening section.
  • 07/24/17 – Modified the PLAAFP display and print html files to correctly reflect the fields in the form. Previously, the print (called from the Download Student forms command) did not have all the new fields for some of the PLAAFP subtypes.
  • 07/24/17 – Modified the Save CSSF routine to save dates formatted as mm/dd/yyyy or blank.
  • 07/24/17 – Internal – Added Parent Information to the Designer snoop raw records.
  • 07/20/17 – Fixed bugs in the saving of PLAAFP forms.
  • 07/20/17 – Added Cheat Sheet for PLAAFP forms.
  • 07/19/17 – Added Cheat Sheet for CSSF forms.

Version 8.5.1r2 Released 07/18/17

  • 07/19/17 – Reset Security Quiz flag, modified quiz.
  • 07/18/17 – Fixed Medicaid billing issue.
  • 07/18/17 – Fixed SpedPro Download for previous School year download to correctly report school year.
  • 07/12/17 – Fixed Edit building page to allow full 5 characters to enter in the building number or LEA ares of the page.
  • 06/27/17 – Added the Cheat Sheet for CSSF forms.

Version 8.5.1 Released 06/22/17

  • 06/22/17 – Fixed bug created in the new CSS file which was causing invalid logins to show up in the login log file
  • 06/22/17 – Added Objectives/Benchmarks section to the PLAAFP forms
  • 06/20/17 – Added code to correctly download and upload students and include new program variables for PLAAFP and CSSF forms
  • 06/16/17 – PLAAFP and CSSF forms save and create fieldlist even if the Done button isn’t clicked, this was done to fix an error where people tried to use the forms without first clicking the Done button on Edit Form page.
  • 06/16/17 – Fixed convert print order to entry order, and entry order to print order to correctly copy over PLAAFP and CSSF forms.
  • 06/16/17 – Fixed Verifications for If/Then in Print and Entry lists to check for duplicates in list orders, and added checks for new form types PLAAFP and CSSF forms
  • 06/16/17 – Fixed One-Click report for PIT to not look at imported IEPs
  • 06/16/17 – Fixed Goals page to correctly stay on goal number selected when adding Benchmarks, was previously going back to goal number 1 each time
  • 06/15/17 – Fixed PLAAFP and CSSF forms so the prompts will save html
  • 06/15/17 – Fixed PLAAFP and CSSF forms so they correctly load attached CSS
  • 06/15/17 – Fixed new PLAAFP and CSSF forms so that they save Triggers on form save.
  • 06/15/17 – Added Pri Residence back to Custom Demo page
  • 06/15/17 – Modified Group error checks to remove references to Crossover Date 2, since we don’t use crossover date 2 anymore.
  • 06/15/17 – Fixed Group LEA List – Convert to 5 characters from 3, fixed areas that call this, like the assign by group LEA.
  • 06/13/17 – Fixed Custom demographic page so that parent 2 and 3 information is saving correctly.
  • 06/13/17 – Fixed Medicaid billing download, not correctly loading Responsible LEA
  • 06/11/17 – Fixed District number save in the edit Calendar page so that it allows saving 5 characters and not just 3.
  • 06/11/17 – Fixed logon email address check to exclude Designers and Snoopers
  • 06/08/17 – Fixed IEP2 print button so that the KIDSS button will close window like it should.

Version 8.5.0 Released 5/28/17

  • 05/25/17 – Converted PLAAFP checkboxes to be strings (text – “yes” “no”) instead of booleans.
  • 05/25/17 – Added Parent information changes to custom demo pages.
  • 05/24/17 – Added Google Translate to Print IEP#2 functions.
  • 05/23/17 – Changed Preference Page 1 – Agency so Designer and Snooper are the only users who can change S0/D0 information.
  • 05/23/17 – Changed Indicator 11 download to test for Initial Determination Date between 07/01/2016 and 06/30/2017, if Initial Determination date is not set it looks at Not Placed Date in that date range.
  • 05/23/17 – Added test during logon to see if user has an email address saved, if not they are prompted to enter one.
  • 05/23/17 – Added Agency name on the logon window so people can identify what database they are trying to log on to.
  • 05/23/17 – Changed the main menu layout for all login groups, now has tabs/buttons
  • 05/18/17 – Fixed pre-defined vars for PLAAFP and CSSF forms
  • 05/17/17 – created CSSF and PLAAFP print IEP
  • 05/16/17 – Added new fields to Student data entry for PLAAFP forms, special sections for Health, Motor, Communication, and Social Emotional.
  • 05/16/17 – Made available FTP and Bundle download and upload of CSSF and PLAAFP forms
  • 05/15/17 – Pre-Created all CSSF variables
  • 05/15/17 – Fixed Export of Forms for Types PLAAFP and CSSF
  • 05/11/17 – Modified agency preference page. Changed the S0 checkbox to indicate State sponsored students are included or not. This affects the eligibility code on the demographics page. If the checkbox is check then they will get 1,2,4,5 for codes, otherwise they will only get 1,4,5 codes.
  • 05/11/17 – Added Google Translate to Print IEP functions.
  • 05/11/17 – Added a update to FTP agency data to pull new FTP site information on a daily basis.
  • 05/11/17 – Updated the Recalculation for weeks and FTE main menu item to this upcoming year.
  • 05/11/17 – Changed IEP Text boxes, 4, Now labeled General Intelligence Textbox1 and General Intelligence Textbox2, Parent Concerns Textbox1 and Parent Concerns Textbox2
  • 05/09/17 – Fixed error on CSSF form student entry where even when more than one user was accessing the same student and same CSSF form, both were still able to add a new record. Fixed now where only the first person in will be able to add new record.
  • 05/08/17 – Added detail forms for PLAAFP Health, Motor, Communication, Social Emotional forms.
  • 05/05/17 – Pre-Created all PLAAFP variables and defined them as an IEP variable.
  • 04/28/17 – Added textbox above checkboxes on PLAAFP page defaulted to This need will be met by.
  • 04/28/17 – Added 4 textbox fields to the IEP record.
  • 04/28/17 – Added Medicaid codes for 2018, adjusted S9123 and S9124 amounts
  • 04/28/17 – S9123 and S9124 are now totaled for the day if there are multiple logs these will be merged on the export of the data exchange file
  • 04/28/17 – T1002 and T1003 are now totaled for the day if there are multiple logs these will be merged on the export of the data exchange file
  • 04/28/17 – Medicaid 96101 and 96110 do not require physician authorization, this check is no longer applied so now 96101 and 96110 can be billed without physician authorization.
  • 04/28/17 – Diagnosis Code field has been added to Medicaid Annual record, and is automatically populated with R6250, there is also a check and removal if the Code is entered as R62.50 is saved as R6250.
  • 04/28/17 – Added print PLAAFP Adaptive and Motor subtypes
  • 04/21/17 – Added print PLAAFP option
  • 04/21/17 – Added print entry for CSSF and PLAAFP forms
  • 04/21/17 – Added Enable autofill for Start and End Dates on CSSF Forms
  • 04/20/17 – Took out the 150 calendar days count out of the re-eval due date calculation.
  • 04/11/17 – Fixed Parent layout on Demographics page
  • 04/10/17 – Goals, Added ESY, Transition, SE, SL, OT, PT, CS/SW, and VO checkboxes
  • 04/10/17 – CSSF form, Added Comment box, if label is not blank
  • 04/10/17 – CSSF form, Changed color or prompt to RED
  • 04/10/17 – CSSF form, Added End Date
  • 04/10/17 – CSSF form, Yes section, added prompt
  • 04/07/17 – CSSF form, No section, added label
  • 04/07/17 – CSSF form, remove Del All
  • 04/07/17 – CSSF form, remove clear form
  • 04/07/17 – Move Goal checkbox on PLAAFP page up to be with other checkboxes
  • 04/07/17 – Changed “Goal Text” to read “Goal” on PLAAFP page
  • 04/07/17 – Changed “Copy Goal” on PLAAFP page to “Add Existing Goal”
  • 03/27/17 – Fixed error in FormDisplayPLAAFP page, for the label in the No section of the page.
  • 03/27/17 – Changed the layout of the demographics page to rotate Parent information into a table format.
  • 03/23/17 – Finished CSSF data entry screen with error checks
  • 03/22/17 – Added CSSF data entry screen pages
  • 03/22/17 – Change medicaid billing checks to no look at No IEP students.
  • 03/16/17 – Changed the ReEval Due method so that it now looks at only the assign child count for calculating the number of days.
  • 03/16/17 – Fixed the check for Discontinued goals so the (DIS) only displays when the goal is discontinued.
  • 03/08/17 – Added CSSF and PLAAFP form types into the Copy New (non-Amendment) IEP Parameters Preference Page and Copy New Amendment IEP Parameters Preference Page
  • 03/08/17 – Added to the sort order for IEP records a test for Amendment Date which is used to order the IEP records in descending amended date order in addition to the test for no iep date and not placed date, and then finally on record id which is creation date.
  • 03/02/17 – Added ESY, Transition, OT/PT, and Speech checkboxes to the Goals page.
  • 03/01/17 – Added PLAAFP student form to data entry section
  • 03/01/17 – Added PLAAFP student form setup section in edit forms section
  • 03/01/17 – Added CSSF student form setup section in edit forms section
  • 03/01/17 – Fixed error in print stream IEP option.
  • 02/09/17 – Fixed error in entry, primary, and secondary print orders on the main menu for 504, ELL, and SIT.
  • 02/09/17 – Changed MIS error check “Age on Dec 1 over 22 or less than 3”, is now a general error check instead of MIS error.
  • 02/09/17 – Modified Print Form Method to remove the student name and the Form name for the printed out form.
  • 02/05/17 – Cleaned up code through the program from the Modify that changed from having two Crossover dates to just having one Crossover date and also went from being saved in the staff record to being saved in the Crossover_Date_History record.
  • 01/26/17 – Modified Assign Group IEP Entry and Print Lists with Crossover Dates. There is now a single Crossover Date Specification box, which will be used to do four different functions. New Crossover Date is equal to an existing Crossover Date, New Crossover Date is between two existing Crossover dates, New Crossover Date is less than the earliest Crossover Date, and New Crossover Date is greater than the latest Crossover Date. This was to streamline the Crossover Date specification for one or more groups at the same time. Error checks have also been put into place so users cannot create mixed up Crossover orders.
  • 01/26/17 – Modified the login process to prompt users who do not have an Email address specified in their user profile to enter an Email address at Login.
  • 01/26/17 – Modified User Profile, and Edit Users to display when the users password was modified and by whom.
  • 01/26/17 – Fixed error in Duplicate IEP function. Was not retaining the amendment marker. This error has been fixed.