Version Notes 2018-19

FY 2018-19

Version 8.6.2r5 Released 01/03/2019

  • 01/01/19 – Added Q3014 Procedure code, and added Telemed (T) as a Location option.
  • 01/01/19 – Added 96130,96131 Procedure Codes, with error checks to becomes usable 1/1/2019 not before, phased out 96101 code cannot be used after 12/31/2018.
  • 12/08/18 – Added code to fix CSSF form issues
  • 12/08/18 – Corrected Transportation form print where the table was not printing when the force print option was used.
  • Version 8.6.2r4 Not Released
  • Version 8.6.2r3 Not Released
Version 8.6.2r2 Released 11/28/2018

  • 11/28/18 – Correct force print option for Custom Transportation where table was not printing even if yes is marked on any one of the 3 main questions.
  • 11/28/18 – Updated CSSF custom forms to work correctly with Server edition of 4D
  • 11/28/18 – Added code for 4D Server to work correctly with all custom types of forms.
Version 8.6.2r1 Released 11/13/2018

  • 11/13/18 – Added new server function Import fix staff for fixing KCK staff
  • 11/12/18 – On printing IEP the Print Date is now hard set and can’t be changed by user.
  • 11/12/18 – Corrected Medicaid Billing error when using 96101 with more than 60 minutes.
  • 11/05/18 – Changed IEP Print Parameters page to not allow edit of IEP Print date
  • 11/01/18 – Added ST code as acceptable for use with GI exceptionality.
  • 11/01/18 – Fixed printing issue when printing TIP page when there is more than 50 service lines.
  • 11/01/18 – Added web logging to disk to track issues with crashing
  • 10/31/18 – Corrected AutoSend function
  • 10/24/18 – Corrected printing issue on Transportation form and force print is used.
  • 10/23/18 – Added Custom Form type to copy forward for Amendments and new IEPs
  • 10/22/18 – Fixed error in Business Upload/Download of forms
  • 10/16/18 – Updated Service Overlap report to only print table if there are service logs with procedure codes
  • 10/15/18 – Updated Provider service log print function back button to correctly go back to the student
  • 10/11/18 – Updated Provider Service Log Print function to print all records and not just the top most record.
  • 10/11/18 – Added code to correct issue when an Amendment or New IEP are created to not copy the values of the Submitted and Finalized flags
Version 8.6.2 Released 10/02/2018

  • 10/02/18 – Added ACOS to list of allowed Variables to use on Custom Forms
  • 09/26/18 – Added Change log entries for Submit Student functions
  • 09/26/18 – Added Service code ST error check to allow Settings codes S and J in addition to the T and G.
  • 09/25/18 – Add function so Service Provider can print their own Service logs from each student.
  • 09/24/18 – Added option for Super Admin to add KIDS ID into medicaid annual record if the ID was left blank.
  • 09/19/18 – Added error check on Service logs for students without a KIDS ID in their annual record, also added an error check for incorrect Modifiers on service logs.
  • 09/19/18 – Change the label for COTA/PTA to MedAide to align that group with the addition of the SL/SS users
  • 09/18/18 – On overlap report for medicaid, removed lines that have no procedure code listed.
  • 09/18/18 – Added CS to Create New Annual record code
  • 09/18/18 – Updated Quiz video link
  • 09/18/18 – Updated Custom Additional Contacts so that the Relation to Student field correctly saves.
  • 09/13/18 – Added SL/SS to COTA/PTA group options.
  • 09/13/18 – Added SL/SS Permissions to group save for COTA/PTA group
  • 09/13/18 – Added SL/SS breakdown of services based on if Group is assigned SL/SS permissions
  • 09/13/18 – Added SL/SS options for new group permissions to Edit Medicaid/Create service log
  • 09/13/18 – Update Approver list (login and main menu report) to look at Primary Provider and Primary Building based on service date matched to date of report.
Version 8.6.1r5 Released 8/29/2018

  • 08/21/18 – Added error check in Medicaid Bill Create to look at codes which do not require DR and NPI numbers and to not include that segment in the export.
  • 08/21/18 – Removed submit button once student has already been finalized.
  • 08/21/18 – Fixed re-eval and other auto email notifications which were all coming through as one line without a line break. Formatted into an HTML email with a table.
  • 08/16/18 – Added table fix for TF_Export_Log table in database
  • 08/15/18 – Fixed issue with email of attachment/images
  • 08/15/18 – Fix issue with Submit function
  • 08/15/18 – Fix issue with AutoFile
  • 08/15/18 – Fix Logon list not displaying student who have been submitted
Version 8.6.1r4 Released 08/15/2018

  • 08/14/18 – Fixed error with Age Triggers on Custom Form types, now works correctly with Force Print and Age Triggers.
  • 08/14/18 – Fixed error on Custom Anticipated Service Chart where K-Time preference on printing and ST codes preference was not printing as requested by page setup.
  • 08/14/18 – Added AutoFile preference to the submit function, submit function will now look at the preferences already in place for autofile actions.
  • 08/09/18 – Medicaid Service Log Reject button, fixed error 404
  • 08/09/18 – Removed error check for Service Log codes: 96110, 96101, 92521, 92522, 92523, 97161, 97162, 97163, 97165, 97166, and 97167 to not have to have Doctor’s assigned to be billable.
  • 08/09/18 – Added ST codes, error checks, and spedpro export functions
  • 08/01/18 – Fixed Custom Transportation form to only print questions if the question of the form is not black, this issue was coming up when multiple forms of the same type were used with different question setups on each form.
  • 08/01/18 – Submit process ignores group permission for Lock/Complete function and uses options specified in the submit section for Lock/Complete.
  • 07/25/18 – Added Width 100% to Custom Additional Contacts page, Display/Print
  • 07/25/18 – Fixed Custom Transportation page, correct issue with the new button.
  • 07/25/18 – Fixed Custom Transportation page, when removing question from form the Yes/No drop down still displays.
  • 07/25/18 – Fixed force print issue on Transition Services/Assessments screen when age triggers are used.
  • 07/25/18 – Added Un-Submit process
  • 07/24/18 – Added SpedPro Queue option to submit function
  • 07/24/18 – Added Primary/All Provider option to submit function
  • 07/23/18 – Fixed Submit button issues related to switching of groups or pages.
  • 07/19/18 – Added Group save option for admin group, Can now give Can Access Medicaid option for admin groups
  • 07/19/18 – Fixed Error in Admin Group related to switching to group from another group, Was not correctly passing the include deleted flag which is a group permission.
  • 07/19/18 – Fixed Custom Transportation page, will now correctly print with no table is max rep on the form is set to 0.
  • 07/19/18 – Fixed default textbox not printing when no default text is entered on ACOS form create.
Version 8.6.1r3 Released 07/17/2018

  • 07/11/18 – Reset startup quiz for staff for new FY
  • 07/11/18 – Updated Medicaid codes for 2019
  • 07/11/18 – Updated ACOS page for printing added spaces so lines wouldn’t run together
  • 06/22/18 – Updated Custom Transportation page, will update demographics page if question 1 is marked Yes.
  • 06/22/18 – On Custom Transportation page, modified so if reps is set to 0 table will not display
  • 06/22/18 – Updated Forms for Locking correctly
  • 06/21/18 – Updated the Bundle download/upload and FTP sent/recieve functions to support the new custom form types.
  • 06/20/18 – Added Provider Column to Transition Services Form
  • 06/20/18 – Added SpedPro Queue and Submit buttons to Dates page
  • 06/19/18 – Added SpedPro Queue and Submit buttons to Anticipated Services Chart page
  • 06/19/18 – Added page locking for new form types
  • 06/19/18 – Fixed Transition Assessment reorder
  • 06/12/18 – Added new Screens to Copy Amendment/non-Amendment IEP Pref pages
  • 06/05/18 – Custom Additional Contacts screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 06/05/18 – Custom Anticipated Course of Study screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 06/05/18 – Custom Rehab Notice screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 06/04/18 – Custom Transition Assessment screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 06/04/18 – Custom Transition Services screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 06/04/18 – Custom Transportation screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 05/31/18 – Custom Desired Post School Outcomes screen, added print code for printing an IEP
  • 05/31/18 – Fixed CSSF page to correctly look at No Label for comments box, if there is not a label then the text box does not show.
  • 05/31/18 – Updated Signature Capture section to display date/time stamp, updated printing of signature to only show saved signature and date/time stamp.
  • 05/30/18 – Added Medicaid update for Modifier field input and download in Bill Create file.
  • 05/30/18 – Updated Logon report for Approval list to add KidssID, IEP Date, Primary Provider, Primary Attendance Building, Grade, and Submit Date/Time
  • 05/30/18 – Fixed Download Indicator 11 report to properly use Fiscal year for student search.
  • 05/29/18 – Fixed code error on custom student startup page
Version 8.6.1 Released 05/29/2018

  • 05/25/18 – Added Student Submit function.
  • 05/22/18 – Corrected Fiscal year on Custom Transportation page
  • 05/18/18 – Finished code for sorting Transition Assessments so that the records are stored in sorted order with the newest date on top.
  • 05/15/18 – Created a new function in Medicaid to deal with changes in the process code 96101, all 96101 records during the same day are combined for billing and the times are added together to calculate units for the date.
  • 05/15/18 – Fixed spelling and other form errors on new custom screens
  • 05/14/18 – Student pages created for Transportation, Additional Contacts
  • 05/11/18 – Student pages created for DPSO, Transition Assessment, Transition Services
  • 05/10/18 – Student page created for ACOS and Rehab Notice custom forms
  • 05/08/18 – Cleaned up all new Custom Forms types with changes to: Kansas Rehabilitation Services Notification, Added Explain no textbox and Explain no sent date, Anticipated Course of Study, added form changes needed to define default credits and text for each LEA independently, also added Other textbox and other date, Additional Contacts Screen, added Comments/Rationale for each contact option, Transportation, added Question3 ESY and Rationale textbox for each log option, Desired Post School Outcomes, added Question 7 and also checkbox for question 5.
  • 05/08/18 – Added code for new vars needed for additional ACOS, DPSO, and Transportation custom forms
  • 05/04/18 – Added SPEDPro queue to Custom Demographic pages
  • 05/03/18 – Added code to Entry/Print lists to allow new Custom Screens
  • 05/02/18 – Error check added to Demographics and Startup pages to verify valid DOB.
  • 05/02/18 – Fixed Page Completed checkbox being disabled on PLAAFP pages when Goals are locked.
  • 05/02/18 – Added error check on Student create to test the student’s DOB, cannot be greater than or equal to TODAY, if entered incorrectly the value is not saved and the user will need to enter a valid date for the student.
  • 04/24/18 – Removed the error check on Medicaid Service Log Errors report for missing or invalid medicaid number.
  • 04/23/18 – Fixed Medicaid Service Log error report to only show last 12 months of errors.
  • 04/23/18 – Added Queue for SPEDPro download, button added on demographics page to mark queue, button added on Data Exchange page for download of Queued Students. Downloads as spedpro_export.txt and unmarks the queued students.
  • 04/22/18 – Fixed custom student startup page to use new format to match other parent sections of the program.
  • 04/01/18 – Corrected the program to run in 4D Server with more than 4GB of Cache size.
  • 03/09/18 – Fixed Auto Filing to correctly handle PLAAFP and CSSF Forms.
  • 03/08/18 – Added PLAAFP Variables to correctly look at Preferences pages for New IEP and New Amendment, on whether the Variables copy forward or not.
  • 03/06/18 – Added Fieldlist to Custom forms which have Variables created for them.
  • 03/06/18 – Added warming to the Misc Prompts Preference Page to warn about the Custom Forms using their own Prompts.
  • 03/02/18 – Updated Custom Form types to include new labels for additional custom forms added.
  • 02/22/18 – Added NPI, Agency Name, and Doctor Agency Type variables that can be used.
  • 02/09/18 – Fixed edit progress report on admin optional text to not delete text even if person can’t see the text.
  • 02/06/18 – Added Debug function to Medicaid Service Log Record.
  • 02/06/18 – Added Debug function to Medicaid Annual Record.
  • 02/01/18 – Add on Preferences for Rel to Student section to add third type for use with Custom Additional Contacts.
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Kansas Rehabilitation Services Notification
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Anticipated Course of Study
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Additional Contacts
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Transportation
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Transition Services
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Transition Assessment
  • 02/01/18 – Added under Edit Forms new types, Custom Desired Post School Outcomes
  • 01/22/18 – 3-year Re-Eval due date cannot be left blank, error check on Dates page.
  • 01/22/18 – Fixed issue when unchecking Goal Checkbox on PLAAFP pages when page is marked as Completed.