Web Server

Web Server Software

The newest version of WebKIDSS can be found here:

Current Version: v9.0.1r8
Release Date: 04/26/2021
4D v18.x Download here

All the software on this page is for web server machines only. In order to use this software, you must have purchased the 4th Dimension software from 4D that will enable you to run this software as a web server on the Internet. All new files will be downloaded to your machine as zip files.

Plugins folder

WebKIDSS version 9.0.x REQUIRES the Plugins folder be installed in order to start up successfully. 4Dv18 users should already have installed this folder when they installed 4Dv18 and converted their database. When you upgrade to a newer version of 4D (e.g., 4D18.1 to 4D18.2) you should copy the new Plugins folder to your WebKIDSS folder to replace the existing one.

Setting up WebKIDSS